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“Cowboys!” is now available on DVD.

Our one-hour film features interviews with team members Kenny Sailors, Jimmie Reese and Tony Katana as well as reminiscences the honorable Alan K. Simpson, Fuzzy Levane (St. Johns player and former NY Knicks coach), Dave Walsh (the Voice of the Cowboys), Jim Brandenburg, Tracy Ringolsby, Jack Kaiser, Jack Griffin, Marialyce Barrett Tobin, Lou Roney Jr, Ken Cook, Doug Essert, Lisa Volker Bratton, Dale Volker, Makenzie Bartsch, Lindsay Stillwell and Kim Komenich.

The film includes “lost” game footage of the Big Game┬ás well as in-depth segments on the “Wyoming Weave” and the evolution of Kenny Sailors’ game-changing jump shot. The DVD extras include footage of the 1946 NCAA All-Star game.

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7 thoughts on “Get the DVD!

  1. I am one of Marialyce Tobins`s nephews and I sometimes play music at a Cheyenne retirement center. If you can give me a simple way for 80 year olds to order your excellent movie,I will pass it on to as many folks as possible. What a fine job of faithfully representing a great moment and those who created it. Thanks!

    • Dear Mrs Reese, Thank you for letting us take over the house for the video shoot! I really enjoyed meeting you and Jimmie! Take care,

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