“Cowboys” opens in Laramie

“Cowboys” premiered in Laramie on March 6, 2014 with Wyoming legend Kenny Sailors and some of the film’s “stars” in attendance. Conor Mullen shot this video for us. During the Q&A session after the screening, the audience heard from Kenny, Dave Walsh, Ken Cook, Doug Essert, Marialyce Barrett Tobin and producers Kim Komenich, G. Allen Johnson and Jessica Sison.

3 thoughts on ““Cowboys” opens in Laramie

  1. Outstanding look at what seemed to be a fun evening. Thank you. I hope everyone enjoyed seeing that wonderful documentary. Congratulations to my colleague, Professor Kim Komenich, and all the great people who contributed to this extraordinary effort. BRAVO!

  2. Congratulations, Kim. I know that “Cowboys” was a long time in the making & that you put everything you had into making sure it became a reality. Wonderful film. Amazing effort.

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