Cowboys Movie Premieres in Laramie on Mar. 6

Please join filmmakers Kim Komenich, Allen Johnson and Jessica Sison at the Wyo Theater in Laramie on Thursday, March 6 for the premiere showing of “Cowboys: The Story of the 1943 Wyoming World Championship Team.” The Wyo is at 309 S 5th St, Laramie, WY 82070. Tickets are $10. Reserve tickets by e-mailing

Here’s the background: Seventy years ago as World War II intensified on both the Eurpoean and Pacific fronts, the University of Wyoming Cowboys basketball team made history by winning the 1943 NCAA Championship and then going on to beat National Invitational Tournament champions St. John’s in the first-ever “World Championship of Amateur Basketball,” played on April 1, 1943 at Madison Square Garden. The Pokes won the game and began the process of defining the NCAA as America’s premiere collegiate basketball tournament. Within days, many of the players from both teams were on their way to help America win the War in Europe and the Pacific.


6 thoughts on “Cowboys Movie Premieres in Laramie on Mar. 6

  1. I watched Kenny Sailors play basketball for Laramie High School when I was in junior high. I also watched Jimmie Collins play and he lived a block from my home. I listened to the 1942-1943 games on the radio. I was drafted in June 1943 and when I returned home, almost the entire 1942-1943 team was playing for Wyoming in 1946. I believe they were ineligible to go to any post tournament games but won the conference that year. They were very good. I knew most of the players personally.

  2. My dad played for UW in 1944-1948. He told lots of stories of these guys and remained friends with many of them. My mom also tells storeis of riding on the bus with the team and about the Sheltons. My mom and dad married while still in college and they lived with the Sheltons for a time. I wish I could come and see the whole movie. My dads name was Ted Rogers and he was from Laramie.

  3. Anna Hume (Roney)

    I loved “Cowboys”! Thank you for all for your dedication to making this a success. Your labor of love is greatly appreciated. What a great keepsake in Cowboy history!

  4. I just found this post and watched a portion of it. Will there be a DVD released of the show? I would love to have a copy, and dad would love to see it as well.
    We are all proud of Kim and his dad.

    • Hi Terry, It’s good to hear from you. Thank you for remembering my dad. To order a DVD, go to tab at the top of this page that says “Get the DVD!” Take care,

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