Seventy years ago as World War II intensified on both the European and Pacific fronts, the University of Wyoming Cowboys basketball team made history by winning the 1943 NCAA Championship and then going on to beat National Invitational Tournament champions St. John’s in the first-ever “World Championship of Amateur Basketball,” played on April 1, 1943 at Madison Square Garden. The Pokes won the game and began the process of defining the NCAA as America’s premiere collegiate basketball tournament. Within days, many of the players from both teams were on their way to help America win the War in Europe and the Pacific.

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“Cowboys” opens in Laramie

“Cowboys” premiered in Laramie on March 6, 2014 with Wyoming legend Kenny Sailors and some of the film’s “stars” in attendance. Conor Mullen shot this video for us. During the Q&A session after the screening, the audience heard from Kenny, Dave Walsh, Ken Cook, Doug Essert, Marialyce Barrett Tobin and producers Kim Komenich, G. Allen Johnson and Jessica Sison.